my journey.

I’m so excited that the universe has brought you to my page! So in a nutshell this is how I made my dream into a reality.

I’ve always been into my health. This has been a passion of mine for years. Moving to the Gold Coast in 2011, I started practicing a lot more yoga than usual. The more I practiced the more conscious I became of my body & how I felt when I ate certain foods. I realised that every time I had refined processed sugar I felt this massive high than a massive low. I am a self-confessed sweet tooth, so I felt like this was a huge problem for me. That’s when I started researching & creating RAW desserts that were refined sugar free. My first ever creation was my Raw Acai & Blueberry Cheesecake. I just adore Acai, so I thought it was must to add this amazing super food into my raw treats. It seriously tasted that good, it was then I knew I had to share this with everyone! So it was that very moment a started creating a business idea around healthy nutritious, convenient raw food. This was how Live Love Eat Raw was born.

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